Two things you wouldn’t believe if I told you.. One of them slightly more exciting than the other..
I have an animal in my middle name.
There, I’ve cut the crap and putting it straight out there…

You’re thinking of maybe pig or frog or something equally awful one could possibly have as their middle name, right?
Well the animal you’re failing to guess is Squirrel
It’s sitting awkwardly inbetween Eleanor and Joanna and without going into the fact that it’s already a mouthful, it’s different and that’s my excuse so suck it.
Now we are friends and I trust you not to steal my husband, Phillip Schofield follows me on twitter, OK.
It’s definitely not because I’ve tweeted him on countless occasions, declaring my love, it’s simply because I’m awesome.
Now I’ve clearly excelled myself I’ll get to the more relatable cushiony bullshit you normally read on these sorts of things…

I love reading from blogs to novels.. magazines to political content..
Writing stories, poetry, listening to music and long walks.
Scented candles, hot baths… Autumn.
Fashion, culture, art..
I like using ‘…’ a lot too.. Like a trail of thought and I most definitely always have something else to say.

Yes.. I’m sure you’re thinking ‘blah blah blah’
But I fall in love with characters in books, sing out loud on my bike and yeah one of my middle names IS Squirrel.

and no you can’t call me that.


I disclose in each post that I will mark a product with (*) if this item was sent to me and will also formally state this.

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