By Emilina.

I was 18. I finished my exhausting shift as a leaflet distributor to suited up robots in the city who marched through the train station with the very least of their worries being a 20 per cent off fish pedicure – however it was cash in hand and I had high hopes of opening a vintage store online.
I could see House of Fraser across the tram line in front of the station and the glass and minimal bar that sat on the side of it, homed to said suited robots on their lunch hours. I would often day dream away until my final batch of me walking around House of Fraser in some kitten heels and bouncy blow dried hair.. I would be and magazine editor and I was married to someone in a band. That was the plan, this didn’t matter.. these silly fish pedicure leaflets. It got me through the day and at the end of a busy week I decided to go in to House of Fraser in preparation of my future plans.
The perfume counters. My mum use to always say they were a dangerous territory.

and there, in capital letters. CHANEL.

I walked on over and smiled at the sales assistant as she jumped up from leaning on the till counter.
“Don’t worry.. I’m looking for my mum”
I reassured her.
There she was.


Well it all happened rather quickly didn’t it

It didn’t feel like me – but it felt like it was a point I would reach.

I can imagine it went something like the first time a human being tasted creamy chocolate, or ice cream.. or triple chocolate cake!

The thing is, it’s a moment isn’t it.
A time capsule. And with each bottle, every bubble and every spritz – a memory that will serve as a reminder of that time for the rest of your life.

I asked for Coco for Christmas that year, you know, something fancy.

I wore it for Valentines day, my university interview and with each bottle, the click of the lid, I am there again.

Coco and I? We will see out the world together, collecting each memory with every spray.

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