So, I’m a writer… lyrics.. quotes .. words? It’s a real ‘thing for me’.
I like words a lot. You know what I love most about writing? I escape the static. When I enter that zone, I get to escape from reality but sit inside of my head for a little while and not worry about what’s outside of my body.
A cluster of positive words joint together can be powerful, particularly with a rhythm. At the age of around 16, I became obsessed with quotes and the older I got the more I realised why cliches are there for us – guidance!
They make sense for a reason! It’s something that is simple too.
I would draw them up in the back of my diary, rip it out and stick them on to my mirror or print out a quote and put it into an Ikea frame!
Before I realised the actual meaning and importance of quotes I felt lost and without a sense of direction and you know what, I haven’t looked back!
I find myself indulging in pinterest and tumblr for quotes for hours sometimes when my life isn’t aligned and remind myself that ‘I’ve got this’ .
Well I’m here to share a couple that have really stuck with me through the years!
So let’s get lost in the magic of words and be sure to tell me some of your favourites too!

Be the energy you want to attract! 

Ever feel that presence of someone immediately after meeting them?
It doesn’t happen a lot but when it does it instantly hits you and you feel such admiration don’t you?! You get a sense of motivation to be even a little bit of that attraction to someone else. The law of attraction has a lot to play in this too. If you walk around with your head down and being moody, rude and generally unpleasant, your energy is negative and people will sense that negative energy too; thus yourself see the world in a darker light to everyone else so you’ll mess up and honestly, little areas of your life become a struggle. You know when you have a bad day? You’ve already made up your mind and that you’re going to right it off. Don’t, just turn it around and see the beauty in the rain – at least our greenery is having a good time, right? Think about gratitude and things you’re grateful for instead and decide against the bad day. Have a bad hour instead.

Think about the things/energy that you love in one of your favourite people and what would they do?

Today is the tomorrow you talked about yesterday. 

You can look at this in two ways.. Time is moving whether we like it or not. 

There’s nothing we can really do about it but accept that we should cherish every single moment at the best of times. We start a healthy eating plan tomorrow or wait for New Years resolutions when really life is now and we have to read through and turn the page to work on your ultimate dreams and happiness!
Secondly it’s a new start! Remember that there is a tomorrow and you can start on that today, just don’t depend on that fresh start too much because there can be a lot of tomorrows! However a year later you could be still living that same tomorrow. If you like that, then great, but if it’s something you want to change then you should be doing it as soon as possible!

My very favourite is; ‘Without rain there is no rainbow!’

You can’t appreciate the good without the bad happening. It’s a fact. If we just had an easy time in life we would grow accustomed to feeling great always and in fact just take it all for granted.
We need to struggle and feel that low to learn lessons, to grow and to become stronger. Each aspect of life has it’s part to play in how we develop on this planet. Without both ingredients (rain and shine) we don’t get the beautiful rainbow as a result! ..and once it rains again? You know what will come after, no matter how much of a rain pour it is!

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