Let’s get straight to the point.. 
“Whatever we plant in our subconscious mind and nourish with repetition and emotion will one day become a reality” — Earl Nightingale

What we do in life without realising it is the least of our worries, right?
We want to concentrate on what’s in front of us but here’s the thing, you know when people bark on about your sub-conscious mind?
Well, there is a  maaajor reason for it.
So in short, your subconsciousness is the part of your mind that operates below your every day thoughts; it’s part of your mind that observes without you realising it; taking note in the background.
So you know how you’re just reading this right?
Well your subconscious is as well, and it’s absorbing and rejecting certain bits of information. Your childhood is where your subconscious observes and accepts – you are a big old child-sponge bascally; that’s why a lot of our childhood years effect us even now.
So if you were called stupid or ‘always late’ when you were younger, your subconscious has taken that into your adult life and that is how you’re living your life.

From the food you eat to the money you earn.. it’s working with your concrete perception of the world and boy is it stubborn AF; Its because it’s buried beneath your every day awareness.
Have you ever tried something like say, bowling?
You were rubbish at your friends 7th birthday party? Well your subconscious tells you the same now.
So I’m a worrier.
I try my best to be a bit of a free spirit, to not over think and to be very rational and realistic.
Then something happens and all of that great thought process, gone.
You’re like your mother’ my dad often said and just like that, I have worried all my life.
So, what’s the point you ask.. I know I’m always frigging late.
Well, your mind is very powerful, we truly don’t give it enough credit.
Some of the most strongest, richest and fearless people in the world use reprogramming techniques to train their mind so YOU can change it.

I tell myself to be rational.. a free spirit. A situation occurs and it’s straight out of the window!
However, the more that I practice these techniques, the more I have it set in my mind that I am rational, considerate, easy going and kind.
I have my traits stacked up to address the issue better; practice makes perfect, right?
Let me give you an example from my own recent experiences.
Say, rejection..
I was recently ‘rejected’ by a guy who didn’t like me back.

My subconscious is over in the corner like:
‘Oh wait, hold on!’
*..rummages through the cabinet at lighting speed*
I have just the thing! Here are other examples of rejection!’

..if you have an experience that conflicts with an already established belief, your subconscious mind will either reject it or reframe it so it goes along with your existing view of reality.
So it may not have been a tragic rejection after all!
But you’re led to believe otherwise because it’s what you ‘know’.
Surely you can see why it’s so important to learn your own mind by now?
It’s more powerful than you think!
You have to work on at least one of these to take control and basically change the rest of your life.
Starting with your environment.
I mean this is obvious right?
If you’re surrounded with negativity, your conscious and subconscious are absorbing it all up like a sponge!
 – Cut those toxic people
– Stop watching the news

If it feels negative, get away from it.
Quit the gossiping and dramas.

It’s important to note that you’re only responsible for your own actions, even when someone isn’t great to you.
Be nice, that’s on you and then move on from them.
Over time you’ll find that more encouraging messages are being absorbed into your head, which will alter the way you see yourself!

Consider your language/affirmations.
Your subconscious is listening in on when you say things like
‘Ah I’m so rubbish at driving!’
‘I always seem to be late!’
‘I’m ugly’
– I mean, even if you say it and don’t mean it, you’re saying it and your subconscious is believing it!

Change your wording and have confidence in yourself.

‘I’m a good driver and I am trying always to be a good driver!’
‘I’m a lovely person most of the time so I’m trying to always be!’
Subconscious is over in the corner writing it alllllllll down.

Visualisation can also help.

Close your eyes at least once a day and visualise an ideal situation you’d love to be in.
Whether that may be a new car, house, having more money for things you love.
Visualisation plays a lot in Law of Attraction.
Tell and think about where you WILL be.
Your subconscious will remember them, the more you visualise it and will replay it in your mind and believe it to happen.Within this time, becoming more aware and in control, you’ll develop a strong sense of self-awareness.
You’ll be more conscious of your surroundings and actions.
Your dreams and goals won’t feel so overwhelming and out of reach.
You’ll want to take more risks, you’ll push yourself.
You’ll be attracted to more opportunities as you seek and expand your life.
Now I’m not saying this can happen over night, if only!
It’s about being consistent and persistent with the methods mentioned.
Ultimately just believe in yourself.
What’s the latter anyway? Not to believe in yourself?
I’ll leave you with a promise.
If you tell yourself you’re rubbish.
You will be.
Actively tell yourself you are great.
Because you ARE great.
You will be great.


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