What springs to mind when you hear the word ‘accept‘?

For me I think of say, struggle like accepting struggles or on a more positive note ‘moving forward‘.
It’s not bloody easy though is it? It’s like accepting to agree to disagree for instance. We all find it hard AF, right? It’s hard to accept that your loved ones will die one day or less dramatic – the fact your friend didn’t see your side in an argument, but with accepting, you’re saving TIME on worrying and you’re ‘at one’ and moving forward.. a pretty good place to be in I’d say.

I made a pack to myself to work on it after reading f**k it- the ultimate spiritual way by John Parkin – self fulfilment and happiness comes from a constant journey of practices and accepting one of these practices for sure.
By accepting I mean, accepting our way of life basically and by accepting small and bigger factors of your life can make life run more smoothly.
Firstly I work on detaching myself – almost daily!
In doing so I’m really able to actually work harder, enjoy my time and I guess completely stand outside of my own self.
Before I leep in, it’s important to be in the best place to do it, right?
So just for a few moments, look around you.. sit still.. think about that person next to you..
Your neighbour even, beyond the wall that surrounds you.. All of the people you have seen today.
Are you someone who ‘doesn’t see past the end of their nose’?
I have my hands up, I use to be this person.
Gratitude can really help when saving time and accepting whatever we face.
Look down at the ground you’re standing on for a moment.
Another person created that comfortable flooring for you to walk evenly on.
Did you look at the floor in that way before?
That laminated flooring that you chose for your living room was designed and created for you to enjoy.

Think again and on a grander scale..

I’m going to take you on a journey, are you ready?
Hold my hand, I’m going to fly us to the moon!
As we further and further away from our planet, you beam out of the window as you can’t believe your eyes and how stunningly beautiful our planet truly is.
I whisper in your ear  ‘On that beautiful, marble ball in front of you is 7.9 billion people just like you!’ – people come and go but right now, you’re one of that pack!
So we are now sitting on the moon. Look at her.. Our earth and she is spinning 67,000 miles per hour around the sun that deliciously warms your skin as you sit with your best friends on a Saturday afternoon with a chilled cider.
That is the very sun that sits at the centre of our solar system that is spinning around the centre of the milky way! That very sun that is the most perfect size for life to have formed.. To small and it’ll be too cold, too warm and it’ll be too hot.
The sun, our star, Is nothing short of perfection. Perfect enough to create magical life.
You are magical.
You look around you; It’s most likely that there are countless universe’s out there with activity beyond the galaxies that we actually know of! You are part of something beyond words can even describe! Life, believe it or not is beyond this blackness and every single fibre, particle, element that exists, exists for a reason.
Just like you do.

On our way back to earth you realise that you really are a little tiny spec! (That’s not to say you are worthless) but actually the opposite – You are a miracle! That wasting time, that tiny smidge bit of ‘time’ by the way, is wasting on tiny problems?
Most of the time they just aren’t worth thinking about are they!

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