It sucks doesn’t it… Having relationships are less permanent and we now conditioned in to having the latest iPhone or new partner. We are more freelance and have more options and opportunities than ever, which is obviously a good thing, however we are sadly now conditioned in to needing more even if we don’t need it and it then results in feeling disheartened and less grateful for what we do have.

I have a little light advice for you.. You know, rejig things a little. Take a look to the side of you. It doesn’t have to be greener grass but it’s a view all the same. It doesn’t HAVE to be forward all of the time.

Some and probably most often will not change a thing yet complain that their lives are rubbish.You can either suck it up or spice it up and I don’t know about you but I’m a fan of a bit spice!

Some may turn to quick fixes like a new car? A holiday. Luxuries. Vanity.
Others get a hair cut; sign up to the gym. Self development. (which are great)
Starting over gives you an opportunity to discover who you really are.. become a new person because why the f not?
You’re rolling your eyes but honestly.. You CAN become the character you really want to be in the story of your life. Some do, sucessful people do, why not you?
I know, I know, its not as easy as it sounds.
We’re too complex to fit straight into a new structure: to make decisions rationally, and too ego-centric to always do the “right” thing without fear of failing.
For these very reasons we get overwhelmed and we don’t change.
So… change – else change doesn’t happen.
Look at this way. You’re five years younger than the five year older you who sits in the future still complaining about what you were complaining about yesterday. Only, five years younger you can add a little paprika and you taste something new!
Give that a little moment. Talk to yourself in the mirror if you have too! You’re now 5 years older. How do you feel where are you? How would you feel if you were told you’re STILL at this awful job? You’d change it. BAM you have 5 years back.. what are you going to do?

Say change doesn’t work out? yes you might not like the taste but it’s new and you’ll feel confident in trying another spice. If stability is something that you feel content in, having a little moan here and there is fine because who’s life runs as smooth as galaxy? Life is about living not existing!

Another note worthy point to consider that you as a person (who might complain day in and day out about feeling stuck) has a ripple effect on others. Your family, your friends. It’s who you eventually become. A negative person.
You know those awesome people who walk in to your life like a shining light now and again? You want to know their secret and be a part of their energy. That’s the sort of person you want to aim to be, the best version of yourself.

I assumed from the age of 25 that I can’t learn to play the piano now, I’m too old?
The thing is. Too old, why? By who’s standards?
I now have a piano downstairs and I am determinded to learn it!
Life happens everyday and truth is, I remember feeling from 9 to 10, don’t you?
If your legs can still walk you to the shop, why can’t your legs walk you to town?
My point is it’s never too late to change your life.
It’s never too late to live.
It’s never too late to take up a new hobby. If you give yourself excuses, that’s on you.
Sadly, the very blip in society is that we are scared of failing.
Failing is seen as a bad thing.
Scrap the way you see ‘failing’ and change it to be a good thing.
Failing is how we learn and how we grow.
You should WANT to fail to see and experience other decisions and options.

Although I definitely need to take my own advise here, I often mention how I live to dream.
If we didn’t have dreams, I wouldn’t want to be here.. truthfully.

I love the thought of changing my name; starting over in California and drawing plants and writing poetry for the rest of my years. Each line on my face, a symbol of experience and grateful years on planet earth and I’ll be happy and want to keep them.
It’s not always easy and circumstances are different but start with a change – slight changes, build up that trust.
Wear a colour that you never wear and think about how it makes you feel.
Talk to a new person, hear their story and learn from their experiences.
Let them encourage you to want to tell your own stories.

This is YOUR novel.
YOUR life.
and only you can change it.

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