Overthinking? ..endlesy deliberating when making a decision (questioning said decision), attempting to read minds (lol) trying to predict the future (also lol) and reading into the smallest of details; hashtag me.

Those who overthink consistently run a constant commentary of criticising and picking apart what they said and did yesterday or what they are about to say, imagining the very worst.

Possible side effects include; lack of sleep, loss or increase of appetite, feeling overwhelmed etc etc.. *sigh* 

Well I’m the absolute worst for it.

Meet Bee. Bee has huge ambitions! Firstly she wants to build a house from scratch. Let’s start with bricks.. Wait, bricks? OR cement.. wait, or wood? Yes, would, like those cute lake houses. No way, what if they rot? Okay bricks. But Bricks are more expensive, I’ll never get it done. Let’s go with Cement. I mean, everyone has bricks though? But cement seems more…

Okay Bee, stop.

Isn’t Bee rubbish at making decisions? All of that over thinking. I feel you pal. I am definitely in the same boat as most, so why does it seem that everyone around me is doing brilliantly but me?
– Probably over thinking, ha!

Ok, now we know what we need to do but when you read an article like this, can we really click away and change instantly and then we live happily ever after?

What I find helpful is imagining the worst of every situation and how I would feel if that was to happen.
9/10 it isn’t as bad as you’d imagine. Say Bee chose cement instead of bricks, no matter the process or the jouney, they still achieved the desired goal however a lot of time not wasted.
Think about the outcome if it’s something that is really bothering you.
Worst case scenarios aren’t as bad as you think.
The mistakes that we make are better for us because they are what we learn from them and grow.. meet them with a smile for the thought of a challenge!

I guess what I am trying to say is, as simple as it sounds – and I most definitely hear my mum’s voice when I type this but – change little? Little changes.

Over thinking seats right on top of you with its pal overwhelmed so I guess what I’m trying to say is, let’s not hang out with them!
It is better to have tried than to not try at all and overthinking is the thing that stops us from trying in the first place – even if the worst case scenario is absolutely terrible you might as well because either way? you’ll overthink standing still or you’ll overthink walking but at least you’re getting somewhere!

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